Mastermind "Woman in Balance"
For whom?
For women around the world who want to live a fulfilling and colourful life, combining fulfillment, happy relationships, family, health and other areas of life

For women who want to be in a supportive, developing environment from around the world

Who desired development in any area of her life

Target-setting, planning, and time-management skills

Improving the quality of relationships with others

Knowledge of one's life mission and dreams

Emergence of a quality supportive environment
Creating Your Own Life Balance

Increase in self-value

Releasing more life energy

Developing a clear plan to achieve your goals

Inspiration by the guest speakers

Online in Zoom-meeting

Duration: 3 months

1 regular Mastermind session per week and session with a guest speaker every second week

One individual session for every participant with Albina (online or live)

4 focus trainings on key triggers

Powerful training sessions with Albina
Balance in a woman's life

Woman's Health

Stress management

Self management

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